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Commercial Insurance: The Protection Against Liability

It can be confusing for every small business owner to choose the right commercial insurance plan. We, at Starco Insurance, have personalized the services to meet all your commercial insurance needs in the most efficient way possible. We offer customized insurance package depending on your casualty, liability and property needs. Our experts are always active to help you in saving your premiums. We can also identify and change your risk. In order to protect your business, we offer risk management services.

General Liability:

Purchasing a commercial liability or general liability policy is indeed a smart move. This insurance covers the general liability of a business. Since we offer customized insurance option, you can meet all your construction needs in the most efficient way possible. With general liability, you can minimize the financial losses in case your business gets sued for any damage or physical injury. General liability coverage includes premises medical, fire legal liability, premises liability and casualty coverage.

Workers Compensation:

We believe nothing can replace a good employee. The reason behind your success and day to day operation is the hard work, expertise and dedication of your employees. This is why workers’ compensation insurance is a must-have insurance policy that you should include in commercial insurance. Commercial insurance protects an employee financially if s/he gets injured during his/her duty. Workers’ compensation also offers medical and rehabilitation costs at a low price to the employees.

Commercial Auto Insurance:

Every commercial vehicle needs security. With commercial auto insurance, you can protect your commercial vehicle as well as yourself in case of an accident. With commercial auto insurance, you can protect your business car from the bodily injury and property damage liability, the losses due to theft and from any damage due to a collision. Our commercial auto insurance also includes the medical expenses of the drivers and the passengers and uninsured motorist coverage.

 Coverage for Commercial Property:

Having commercial property insurance is highly important to protect your commercial property irrespective of whether it is owned or rented. Property insurance protects the buildings, the interior items, on-site equipment, tools, inventory and more. You can also get the coverage in case of fire, vandalism or any disaster. Our qualified and licensed insurance brokers will help you to find the best commercial property insurance solution for your business.

Why choose Starco Insurance for commercial insurance?

  • Starco Insurance is the leading insurance brokerage agency that offers the best in class commercial insurance solution in Los Angeles and California at an affordable price.
  • With us, you can save up to 40% on your insurance premiums.
  • We are committed to bringing the best in the insurance industry and offering the best in class personal and commercial insurance solution to our clients.

Secure your business and plan for the unexpected! Count on us today and experience the state of the art commercial insurance solution at your budget.

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