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Your Trusted Commercial Auto Insurance Solution

Almost every business owner needs the same kind of coverage for the vehicle they use for business or personal purposes. This coverage includes collision, liability, medical payments, comprehensive coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. For the sake of safety and security, every business needs commercial auto insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance You Can Rely on:

At Starco Insurance, we understand your commercial vehicles need security. If you are a businessman from Los Angeles, don’t forget to buy commercial auto insurance and protect your vehicle from an accident. With commercial auto insurance, you can protect your business car from

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Losses due to theft and vandalism
  • The collision that covers your car from any damage due to an accident

Apart from them, with our commercial auto insurance, you can get

  • The medical expenses of the drivers and the passengers in the vehicle in case of an accident and
  • Uninsured motorist coverage

Why Starco Insurance?

Have the peace of mind with the right commercial auto coverage option for your business offered by Starco Insurance. It does not matter what type of business vehicle you have, with us, you can be assured that your commercial vehicles are safe and secured.

Whenever your business owns a vehicle, get them secure:

There is no denying the fact that almost every business in California or Los Angeles needs a commercial auto policy. But it is a must-have product for some professions or businesses. A commercial auto policy is necessary if

  • You use your business vehicles to transport goods or people for a fee
  • You require higher limits of liability because of the nature of your business
  • You need to tow a truck or pull a considerable weight in tools or equipment to conduct your business
  • Your employees operate vehicles in the name of your business

What does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Like personal auto insurance, the commercial auto policy offers the coverage options including liability, collision, uninsured motorist coverage and comprehensive motorist coverage.

At Starco Insurance we are always active to help you with the most effective solution for any policy. Count on us today to learn more about commercial auto insurance and buy the most-effective one for your business.

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