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For Bumper-to-Bumper Vehicle Protection, Get Collision Auto Insurance Coverage in California


For most drivers, a car is more than just a means of transportation – it’s is an investment; and we at Starco Insurance completely understand that.  If you’re involved in an accident, you want to ensure your investment is protected.  That’s why adding comprehensive Collision Auto Insurance Coverage to your California auto insurance policy is a smart move! 

What Does Collision Auto Insurance Cover?

Collision Auto Insurance covers your car when it’s involved in a collision with another vehicle, guardrail, tree, telephone pole, or rolling the car etc. Collision insurance does not cover damage caused by vandalism or theft. 

How Much Collision Coverage Do You Need?

Different drivers require different coverage amounts for their Auto Insurance policies.  Many factors play a role in determining how much coverage is appropriate including the year and age of the car, your financial situation, etc.   Our experienced agents at Starco Insurance will help you determine the right insurance options to fit your needs and budget.

Wondering why you need Collision Coverage? Well, if you are in California, you get protection from accidents only if you have this coverage. Contact Starco Insurance to see what you qualify for. Let our experts help you. Call now at 888-400-4004.

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