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Auto Liability Insurance Coverage in California


If accidents happen, having proper auto liability insurance coverage on your California auto insurance policy can really help you financially, legally and personally. In fact, with auto liability insurance coverage from Starco Insurance you can remain insured even if you are held responsible for an accident.

It also helps pay for the legal fees associated with any lawsuits.

We offer two types of liability coverage on our California car insurance policies. These are property damage liability that takes care of the expenses due to the damage you have caused to another driver’s vehicle or property. Next, we offer you bodily injury liability coverage. This pays for the cost linked with another person’s medical expenses or pain and suffering caused due to injury.

If you have been into an auto accident, our coverage options can help you by offering proper protection against the loss of income, savings or home. We believe having comprehensive liability coverage is the best way to protect yourself and your assets.

Why Choose Starco Insurance?

You can find a number of insurance companies that claim to offer the cheapest car insurance in California, but we’re a local Los Angeles insurance agency. We focus exclusively on providing quality, but low cost car insurance. Our agents are knowledgeable and current on driving laws and state of California requirements. If you have any questions related to our California car insurance or your liability coverage options, connect with our experts at 888-400-4004.

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