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Get California Product Liability Insurance for the Products you Market, Design, Distribute, Manufacture or Import

Are you responsible for design, manufacturing or sale of products?  If you answered yes, then you should be proactive and find a California product liability insurance policy that can help protect your business from future lawsuits.  Starco Insurance in Los Angeles is a local company you can trust to help you find the best coverage options to safeguard your business. 

Wherever you stand in the supply chain of products, from being the manufacturer to the distributor or retailer, you have a responsibility to the end-user that requires protection through product liability insurance.

Having product liability insurance covers you in the event a suit comes up due to the use of your product. This insurance provides coverage for all distributors, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and anyone who makes products available to the people. Having this policy would protect you from claims that put you at fault for any injury your product has caused.

Having this coverage protects you against liability claims for injury or loss arising from

  • Negligence is the manufacturing, distribution or supply process
  • Defects in the design or manufacture of a product
  • Poor workmanship or materials
  • Failure to warn of defects, potential hazards or risks from using the product
  • Breach of warranty
  • Failure of fitness for purpose or performance claims

The experts at Starco Insurance customize the a Product Insurance plan taking into account the regulations and the type of product you manufacture or supply.  We also evaluate the risks associated with the products you produce. 

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What makes Starco different is that we offer a more personalized approach to insurance selection that values relationships and puts our customers needs first.  While we work with a large number of major carriers, our goal is to find the right policy at the best possible price, regardless of the provider.  Starco is a small, local agency based right here in Los Angeles.  We know the challenges residents and local business owners of California face – we’re residents and business owners ourselves!  We also know California’s insurance laws and requirements and we understand that our clients look to us for guidance and value our honesty and transparency when reviewing coverage options.  At Starco, we believe insurance can – and should – be high-quality and affordable.   If you’re interested in having a dedicated agent who knows your market and understands your needs, give Starco a call! 

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