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Small or big, new or old, at Starco Insurance you get the coverage for all building types. Office buildings usually have low risk tenants since there are no manufacturing or accidents prone occupants. It also means the office building insurance might have some of the best rates when it comes to commercial property insurances.

We understand that not carriers are the same, so we offer you the right coverage that suits your need perfectly. In fact, our agents ensure you to match with a carrier who is eager to insure your office building.

Before you plunge into getting office building insurance, know there are several types of tenancy. You have owner occupancy, mixed occupancy and tenant occupancy. If you are the owner, let our agents know so we can help you accordingly. However, if you own the building and your building operates out of a portion you can also receive office building insurance. Do you own the building and have leased it to other parties? Don’t worry we can cover you.

Suffering a loss is a very unfortunate event. But at Starco Insurance, we would do anything to get the business up and running if you suffer a loss. Moreover, our customized building insurance policies, with our unmatched service, give you the peace of mind you need for proper business operation.

Tell us your office building occupancy type and we can help you. Give us a call anytime at 888-400-4004.