If your aim is to get both the amount and type of car insurance suitable for you, your car and within

the budget, you need to have proper knowledge. However, getting the right policy requires investing

more time and patience. You can never buy the car insurance without doing any research work. You

also need to ask more questions and you need to ask consider the various options before signing any

document. Here are some traps you might easily fall into.

Not understanding the coverage you need or u have bought

First and foremost, the mistake arises when you don’t do enough research as well as not asking the

agents enough questions. However, what you need to do is talk to the concerned agent about your

car insurance need, and discuss everything you have in mind. It is better if you write down all the

essential information during the interactions. It would help you pick the right coverage plan you


Not shopping around

Laziness is definitely one of the reasons why you don’t shop around and choose the first coverage

you come across. But that’s definitely not happening. What you need to do is walk up to the

companies and find out the coverage they are comparing. Apart from this, you can compare and see

which ones suit your need. Remember not shopping around would make it a costly mistake. An
agent from Starco Insurance would help you clear all your doubt and design the right coverage as

per your need.

Having auto insurance keeps you and the vehicle safe

Lack of enough knowledge and research really makes you believe that having auto insurance is

enough for you and the car. In fact, you have no idea about full coverage in the discussions about

your car insurance. Many people think that just sending a check every month to the company keeps

your car protected. What you can do is have a detailed discussion with experts at Starco Insurance.

They would explain you all the nitty-gritties of car insurance so you don’t end up more than needed.

Ignoring add-ons and extra

You often buy car insurance without considering the extras and add-ns. In fact, one of the common

mistakes you make is that you fail to see the existing policy. But what you need to do is review all

the documents that’s related to the car insurance policy you are planning to buy. Simply carefully

review as well as consider the add-ons offered during the process. Apart from this, the agents are

available to answer all your questions. Experts at Starco Insurance are always there to help you.

Misinformation on application

You either forget to include the necessary information or simply put false information. Some people

do it since they think it might put it over the company and pay less for the insurance. But what you

should do is tell the truth always. When buying car insurance, you shouldn’t hide any information

required for it. Mention everything related to DUIs, traffic violations, etc. If you have any doubts,

simply call our experts at Starco Insurance.

No matter what questions you have, let our experts help.


When buying car insurance there are some mistakes you must avoid. Never ever hide any

information when filling forms, not having idea about the insurance you need, having auto insurance

is not enough, etc. You also need to have idea about extras and add-ons.