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Protect Your Home with Earthquake Insurance in California

If you live in California, having Earthquake Insurance is a must.  Homeowners Insurance alone won’t provide you with protection against earthquakes.  Many homeowners have ignored the importance of having Earthquake Insurance and regretted it later. In fact, many assume that if they don’t live on a fault line then Earthquake Insurance is unnecessary.  However, California experiences about 1000 earthquakes a year.  That’s why every home in California should have this coverage.

If you want to protect your home and belongings from earthquake damage, talk to the experts at Starco Insurance.  While we can’t predict or prevent damage from occurring, we can protect your assets with coverage that will allow you to replace and repair lost or destroyed items. 

Earthquakes don’t usually come with fair warnings and you likely won’t have enough time to collect your personal belongings.  Having the Earthquake Insurance before disaster strikes helps alleviate some of the stress that follows.  Let our professional agents at Starco Insurance help you select the appropriate coverage to fit your needs and budget.

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