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Protect Yourself, Your House and Finances

Accidents can occur even at home.  As the property owner, you could be held responsible for any injuries that may occur.  If someone needs to claim injury on your property, having Homeowners Liability Insurance coverage in California protects you, your house, and your finances. 

With the added coverage of Homeowners Liability Insurance, you can ensure the security of your finances.  This policy safeguards against situations such as:

  • Claims for injury to others
  • Claims for property damage
  • Medical expense for injuries
  • Medical expense for injuries caused to others

Having the right Homeowners Liability Insurance Coverage on your Homeowners Insurance policy will help better prepare you for when the unexpected happens.   Contact Starco Insurance today and let our agents help determine the proper amount of coverage to protect you.  Call us at 888-400-4004.

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