Are you looking for the right car insurance company, but don’t know how to start? Here are some things you must know and consider to find the right car insurance provider. Insurance companies really make their presence felt. Did you come across the large advertisement banners? Did you see the ads on newspaper, tv and radio? It is because of the cut-throat competition. So, choosing the right company can become really difficult.

Know the different types of agents

When looking for car insurance company, ensure you know the difference between independent and captive agents, direct providers and brokers. The main task of the agents is to help you find the right insurance policy as per your need.

The captive agents only represent a company and sells policy on their behalf. Then, there are independent agents who don’t belong to any one company, but knows about most of the companies. Apart from them, there are brokers who are similar to the independent agents and don’t represent just one insurance company. They would be able to help you find the right policy across many companies.

The direct providers actually sound like the insurance companies that would try to sell the policies directly. Now, deciding the type of agents depends entirely on you. However, Starco Insurance can help you make the right decision in choosing the coverage plan.

Check the license

One of the other things to consider when looking for car insurance company is the license. Find out and check if the company is licensed in the state. The company must meet the requirements and should have license.

Rate and pricing

For most of the customers, the essential part in choosing a car insurance company is the policy cost. It is because you don’t want to overpay when looking for the right insurance policy. To ensure you are getting the right coverage, it is essential to get quotes from an established company.

Now, you must know that cheap quotes don’t mean always you are getting the best deal. We, at Starco Insurance make the process as feasible as possible to help you get the right coverage. Apart from this, we also compare the quotes, so you get simply the best.

Customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the primary agenda of any insurance company. So, it should be a priority when choosing the company. Here are some ways you can know if the company would live up to your expectations.

Client reviews– read the client reviews to know if the company has lived up to their expectations. Positive reviews do have a role in your decision-making, so consider it. It would also tell you how the company handles claims and more.

If you want to get the best service at the most affordable cost, contact us.


When looking for the best car insurance company, ensure you know the type of agents working for you. Apart from this, you also need to check the company’s license and finally customer feedback or reviews are essential. Go through it to see if the customers were met.