Insurance for Motorcycles in Los Angeles


How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Insurance for you

Most people who own and utilize motorcycles either for everyday commuting or for leisure should never take the risk of not having enough insurance coverage to protect them and other riders. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance comes in many varieties such as third party property damage insurance and veteran insurance, vintage and classic vehicle insurance are types of insurance from there to choose from.

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance provides you with complete coverage, which includes providing your bike with complete coverage as well as providing for damages that may be caused to someone’s property with your bike.

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Types of Motorcycle Insurance

In order to make the most informed decision about what type of coverage and policies suites you best below are some of the most common questions asked by our clients.

Tailored Insurance Policies

Third party property damage motorcycle insurance is a type of insurance that will cover someone else’s property and their vehicle but will not provide protection for your own motor vehicle.

Veteran refers to vintage and classic vehicle insurance which directly relates to bikes over 15 years of age that are not driven as much because they are used for a hobby or recreational use only.

In addition to these types of motorcycle insurance there are additional selection of different amounts of coverage you can purchase, based on your individual budget and the amount of protection you will feel insurance minimal risk.

Most motorcycle insurance policies cover costs associated with an accident, including getting the vehicle fixed or replacing the vehicle, or providing you a payout at market value of the motorcycle or price that you agree on. There is also a high likely hood that your standard policy covers the costs of fire, repairing or replacing locks but always to make sure you get this in writing from your insurance provider as cover changes from insurance company to insurance company.

How to save on Motorcycle Insurance

In order to get the best rate for insurance it is important to select coverage that falls in your medium, you never want to be under insured and having too much coverage can be less cost effective. If you don’t drive your motorcycle often, it may qualify for the vintage insurance coverage. If you utilize your bike for business, be sure to mention this to your insurance agent prior to signing any documents of course the types of discounts will vary by insurance provider.