workers compensation

If you have ever got injured on the job, you would understand the traumatic experience one can feel. The medical bills hurt more than the injury. It has often been seen that the insurance company does not cover up the bills according to their promise.

To help the employees from the burden of expensive medical bills, most companies cover their employees with workers’ compensation insurance. According to this policy, the employees get the wage replacement and medical expenses in case an accident occurs.

Before going to any further discussion, let us know what workers’ compensation insurance is.

In case you get hurt or injured while at work, workers’ compensation helps you by offering multiple benefits.

The coverage of Workers’ Compensation Includes-

  • Medical care:

If you get injured at work, you will get medical help with workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance includes all your medical bills.

  • Temporary Disability (TD) benefits:

If the injury is severe and the employee is unable to join office for a temporary period of time, workers’ compensation helps the employee financially.

  • Permanent Disability (PD) benefits:

In case the employee becomes permanently disabled due to the accident, they get financial help from this policy.

  • Supplemental job displacement benefits:

Sometimes the employee becomes unable to get back to their job due to the injury. Workers’ compensation policy helps the employee for retraining or skill enhancement by offering vouchers.

  • Death benefits:

Death is always unfortunate. However, if the misfortune happens to any employee, his family (spouse. Children or other dependants) gets financial help from workers’ compensation.

There are Deadlines:

Remember, workers’ compensation is an extremely timely matter. The injured employee gets only the time period of 30 days to give a written notice about his/her injury at work and to file a workers’ compensation claim, the employees get a time period of one year.

The Employer’s Responsibility:

Once the employer receives a notice of your injury, they provide you a claim form. The employer should also authorize a medical treatment when the claim is pending. Suppose, your medical treatment bill is $10,000. If your employer approves your claim within 90 days, you will get the coverage.

Myths and Misconceptions about Workers’ Compensation:

People often misinterpret that this policy only covers the medical bills. But this is not true. We have already mentioned, there are a number of aspects where you can get help from the workers’ compensation.

Another myth around workers’ compensation is, only a full-time employee can get this policy. But, this factor does not determine workers’ compensation. The factor that matters the most to get the policy is the employer’s payroll. It does not matter whether you are a part-time employee, freelancer or seasonal employee, if you have payroll, you can get the benefits of this policy.

There is no denying the fact that getting hurt on the job site is always painful. Having workers’ compensation can free you up from the trauma and give you the peace of mind to work confidently.