Mobile homes or manufactured homes are usually factory manufactured and get delivered wherever you want to place it. You don’t need to build it on your own. Even though built differently, these aren’t different from single-family homes when it comes to insurance. Whether you live there all through the year or seasonally, it is important that you have manufactured home insurance. Irrespective of the type of home it is, it is, after all your home, your safest abode. So, it is your responsibility to keep it safe and secure.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

The manufactured home insurance Los Angeles coverage is similar to the standard homeowner’s insurance policy offering proper coverage to the home, personal property as well as liability claims. The two coverages usually included in mobile home insurance policies are for physical damage and personal liability.

Physical Structure and Contents

If your mobile home gets damaged or the contents sustain physical damage either from theft, vandalism, or fire, the cost of repair or replacement gets covered by the manufactured home insurance. Additional structures on the lot, such as garage or patio as well as your personal belongings, also get covered. However, there are some policies that cover only certain losses. These called perils usually have lower premiums. But it is always better to check with your insurer regarding what’s not included in it.

The Liability Coverage

If you are considering getting manufactured home insurance in Los Angeles, the policies usually include liability coverage that might help protect you. For instance, if you or someone in your home is found liable for this damage to someone’s else property, you would get the protection. But you must know when it comes to mobile home insurance; the liability coverage doesn’t include injury to you or another member of the household.

Moreover, if you slip on the steps and injure yourself, the policy wouldn’t cover it. But if your kids accidentally break the neighbor’s window, it would come under the coverage and pay for the repair.

List of Insurance Coverages For Mobile Homes

Due to a specialized type of risks, some manufactured home insurance; some insurers might even cover some perils that standard home insurance policy wouldn’t cover. Find out more:

  • Coverage from the earthquake, flood, hurricane, windstorm coverages
  • Coverage resulting from damages caused by animals
  • Trip coverage when you need to move the home to another place
  • Sewer backup coverage

Special Coverages You Need to Know About

Here are some of the things you might need to ask the mobile home insurance provider about when getting quotes:

  • Replacement cost insurance
  • Damage from pipe bursts and water damage
  • Additional living expenses
  • Content coverage from personal belongings
  • Liability coverage on a policy

However, you need to know that the list doesn’t include everything since insurance coverages and vary from one state to another. But is helpful in reviewing your manufactured home insurance in Los Angeles.