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Get On The Road Safely With SR22 Insurance

If your driver’s license got suspended you need to obtain the SR22 Insurance Certificate. Now, you might wonder how to get it. This is when Starco Insurance comes to your rescue. Our experienced and efficient agents help you clear all the doubts you have about it. We can help you get the insurance certificate and file it with the state in the shortest possible time. Our experts boast of top-notch, fastest and best services. In other words, if you are a high-risk driver, we can help you.

Is this Even an Insurance? Know Everything About SR-22 So You Get on the Road Safely

SR-22 Insurance also known as DUI Insurance actually means you are fulfilling the state’s car insurance requirements for driving. So, this is not an insurance, it is a certificate or document. At Starco Insurance, we have got you covered. We inform the state that we are covering your driving for some car insurance related circumstances.

First and most importantly, this is not an insurance. This is a certificate of financial responsibility filed with the Secretary of State’s office. The certificate notifies the State Secretary that you have minimum liability insurance and have met the minimum insurance requirements. You might receive a suspension notice from the State Secretary stating that if you don’t file for the certificate, your driving license would get suspended. You can get in touch with our team at Starco Insurance for a hassle-free solution.

At Starco Insurance, we work hard to offer you what you need. Similarly, when you obtain the auto insurance policy and file the form to get the SR-22 certificate that helps you get back on the road. We do all the work legally so you can hit the road once again. Don’t fall for cheap rates, get in touch with our experts for the best rates within your budget.

Any driver who has been convicted of violating motor vehicle rules, such as driving without insurance, needs to carry the SR-22 Insurance Certificate. Wondering how you would know if you have violated any rules? Well, the DMV notifies individuals if they have been considered a high-risk driver requiring the certificate.

Examples of violations resulting in SR-22 requirements include:

  • DUI/ DWI ( Driving under the influence/ driving while impaired)
  • Numerous moving violations
  • Rash or careless driving
  • Not carrying a driving license
  • Violations for the failure of maintaining proper insurance as required by the state
  • Many traffic offenses in a short period of time

SR-22 Insurance requirements might usually vary in every state, but there are some considerations you might always take into account.

  • You might need to have this certificate showing continuous insurance coverage for about three years and longer in some states.
  • If the policy lapses during the period, the insurance company notifies the state.
  • Failure to abide by the terms of the SR-22 might result in suspension of license.

If you are thinking of getting an SR-22 Insurance Certificate, you must know each one available.

Here are:

  • Owner- this is for those who own and drive their own car.
  • Operator- it is designed for drivers who rent or borrow a car, but didn’t buy it. It is often used as a non-owner car insurance policy.
  • Broad coverage policy- it is applicable for those who own their car but borrow occasionally.

Availing non-owner car insurance with SR- 22 definitely saves money. If you need SR-22, you can buy an SR-22 non car owner policy from an insurance company. Your original policy would be primary, while the SR-22 policy would allow you to file SR-22 with the state. But for that, you don’t need to switch your primary insurance company. Come to Starco Insurance and our efficient team can deal with that and offer the right assistance.

Many insurance providers might charge more from you, but not Starco Insurance. Usually, just filing an SR-22 Insurance along with your car insurance wouldn’t affect car insurance premium, at least with us.

After you have purchased the policy or renewed it, we file an SR-22 Insurance for a nominal fee. But it is not the fee that would go beyond your budget. Other than assuming how much it would cost, it is better to consult the provider. Our expert agents would guide you to check if you need to need to pay an upfront fee for the policy.

If you don’t buy or renew your license, there is a chance of suspension of your driving license until you file the document. However, if you allow the coverage to lapse, the clock gets reset on the SR-22 coverage. For instance, if you need to file for this document for three years and you forget to renew after two years, it would get reset back to a three- year requirement. It is always better to be careful and not let this happen.

Our agents at Starco Insurance, keep you guided and sorted so you know everything about SR22 Insurance.

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