Your driving record actually plays a big role in determining how much you need to pay for car insurance. Moreover, if you have a prior conviction for driving under the influence ( DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), indicates a risky driving history. Now, this indicates higher insurance rates.

The dangers of drunken driving are well known, still people continue doing it. However, those who survive the ordeal with DUI might need insurance later. In the eyes of insurance companies, these drivers need high premiums since they pose a great risk. There are many things you need to know about DUI insurance.

How Do DUI Influence Car Insurance Rates?

Are you wondering how much car insurance would cost after the Driving under influence? Now, this depends on many factors. First, each state offers a quote for a driver living in the states before and after the driving under influence. Every state makes it illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol. If you are found with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.8 percent or more, you can face driving under influence charges. Get in touch our experts can help you determine the right coverage.

  • The average percent car insurance increases for driving under influence is 80%.
  • The average cost of car insurance with DUI is about $2000.

Factors On Which DUI Car Insurance Depends

Age Factor– One of the key factors include the age. Insurance for an 18 year old who has been convicted of DUI within the last one year would be 5 percent less affordable than a 30 year old man with a similar history. In other words, the youngest drivers would suffer more in terms of insurance coverage cost with driving under the influence charges.

Number of DUI– Another crucial factor in getting DUI insurance is the number of driving under influence who have faced as a driver in the last three years. If you are aged 30 years with four DUIs, you can expect bodily injury coverage premium to be 58 percent more expensive than someone with one charge. In simple words, the less driving under the influence charge you face, the low would be the premium for car insurance.

Time Requirement– One of the other factors includes the time that has passed since driving under the influence. Most of the insurance companies look at three to five years of driving record and calculate the DUI insurance quotes. For the violation, you need to have at least 35 months of clean driving records to qualify for normal rates.

The Companies– Every insurance company have different rules for dealing with driving under the influence charges. So, it is better to choose the one with affordable car insurance rates.

When obtaining car insurance, ensure you check the DUI if you have faced any charges within a year. Remember the insurance coverage would depend on the severity of the charge.