Car insurance is a legal necessity even if you feel you don’t need it. In fact, every US states consider
it mandatory to have car insurance. It protects you and bears the cost of repair on the vehicle. Apart
from this, the insurance also covers medical cost of the victims. However, having a rough idea of car
insurance helps you stay safe on the road always.

There are some basic policies such as liability covering the damages you are responsible for. Next,
come, collision basic. It covers repairs even if the accident is your fault. Comprehensive coverage
also comes under the policy and involves coverage for anything that has happened to your car apart
from accident. Apart from these, you also get personal injury protection that covers the medical
expense of you and your passenger.

Common terms related to Insurance

You won’t be able to understand the policy, if you don’t know all the important insurance terms.

  • Insured- the policyholder is known as insured.
  • Insurer- the insurance company you are availing the insurance from.
  • Third-party- it is anyone other than you and your insurance company. Remember, the insurance company is the first part, you are second party and others are third-party.
  • Carrier- insurance companies are also called carrier.

No-fault insurances- if the accident occurs without your fault, then too you need to file for the at-
fault driver’s carrier to pay up for the damages.

How to Buy the Right Car Insurance?

When you are considering auto or car insurance, you must always compare quotes. It is, because all
companies have their own method of comparing premiums. So, no one carrier has the lowest price.
You can get in touch with the agents in Starco Insurance to help you find the right coverage policy.

Picking the right agent

Finding the right car insurance wouldn’t be an easy affair if you don’t get assistance from a good
agent. Due to this reason, you should choose the right agent. Since there are numerous agents with
numerous clients, choose a professional who can give you time. At Starco Insurance, you get exactly
the assistance you need. Here are some of the types of agents you must know about.

Captive insurance agents- exclusive agents or captive agents are contract bound to sell their
employer’s insurance product only. So, they would only offer you one quote without reviewing.
There are no questions of comparisons.

Independent insurance agent- independent agents have several carriers so they can compare and
choose the right policy coverage for you. It would also help you find if the policy is competitive. So,
that’s actually good.

Come to us and let us help you avail car insurance.


There are many things you must know about car insurance. There are different types of agents such
as captive and independent agents. When buying insurance, choosing the right agent matters a lot.

Captive agents are limited to their own company, but independent agents would be able to offer you
policy based on comparison.