Buying a car insurance is always a good idea to protect your car as well as protect yourself financially. But, sometimes, people get confused with a number of questions even after purchasing the car insurance. The car owners don’t understand how the car insurance in Los Angeles can help them in protecting them from every problem financially. Being an insurance agent, I have often faced a number of queries from my clients. Below are discussed a number of most frequently asked questions and their answers.


If I am involved in an accident, what should I do?

This is perhaps the most commonly asked questions I have ever faced. Well, if you meet an accident, you should call for medical help if anyone is injured in the accident spot. Call and inform the police as soon as possible. Don’t admit the accident was your fault. Let the authority decide who is responsible for the accident. Contact and inform your insurance company as soon as possible.


If another vehicle hits my car what should I do?

When you know you are not at fault in the accident, you should make a third party claim to the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Since you are the claimant, the company will issue the check directly to you. Then, it will be your responsibility to pay the repairing cost once you get the check.


How should I claim if I am responsible for the accident?

If you are the owner and if you have collision insurance, you can file a first party claim with your insurance company. The company might issue a check either to you or to the repair shop. If you have a loan, the check might also be issued in the name of the lending company. If other cars are also involved in the accident, the company will make the settlement with the drivers on behalf of you.


What should I do if my car is stolen:

Since most insurance companies wait for a certain period of time to see if the police can find your car in that period, you should wait for the period of time. If you don’t find your car after the waiting period, you will get a settlement from your insurance company. If your car is found during the waiting period, the insurance company will pay if the car has any damage.


Should I buy multiple insurance coverage options?

Depending on your location and the price of your car, you should decide how many car insurance options you should buy. If your car is not the expensive one, buy the policy that is legally required. Your insurance agent can help you in this case with their expert advice.

Hope, from the above-discussed questions, you have got your answer. If you want to ask us anything about car insurance in Los Angeles that is not listed here, feel free to ask us.