Generally, the homeowners’ insurance covers the fire damage, but if you are from the high-risk areas, like near a Canyon, you might have to pay more for additional coverage for fire.

 Accidents never come with an invitation and God forbid if a devastating fire ruin the whole community, you have to spend dollars to rebuilt it again.

According to a recent research, approx 90% of homeowners purchase coverage and approx 40% of renters buy insurance for their belongings.

Since North California is considered to be a fire-prone zone, you should take special care if you are from this area. Your insurer might not give you the coverage for a fire in your homeowners’ insurance policies.

After the recent drought in California, the insurers racked up a few billion dollars in fire-related claims. According to a spokeswoman for the Property Casualty Insurers Assn. of America, insurers are always there for the homeowners. They are always available to help the policyholders.

 However, if you are a resident of the high-risk areas, it might be difficult for you to find coverage in the open market. In that case, they should turn to the state-sponsored program, known as California FAIR plan, to get the right coverage. the California FAIR plan covers up to 1.5 million dollars for a structure and its contents. But, in some severe cases, this might not be sufficient for full replacement of a damaged home or property.

It is also not unnatural if an insurer changes the term of a policy during the renewal process. And, to be honest, most policyholders do not really read everything thoroughly. Be wise enough to go through the documents carefully before renewing the policy. If you don’t, you might have to shoulder more risks than you have thought of.

When come for buying fire insurance, most clients ask a question to us – what if my nearby areas get burned and my home gets affected by the smoke and ash? Would you cover the pay for the cleanup?

Well, this depends on your coverage options. But, we usually do clean the smoke and ash of the damaged home and keep your home clean.

It is recommended to buy additional coverage for code upgrades. If you buy code upgrade, it will protect you financially from any damage that your basic policy might not cover.

If you have recently experienced a devastating fire, it is a wise idea to shoot a video of your belongings. This will definitely help you to get the best protection from your insurer. If you have an ALE or Additional Living Expense insurance, the insurer is bound to bear the expense of your hotel rooms, rentals and food. However, don’t forget to save all the receipt and documents to claim your coverage.